Welcome to Cactus Corner

Welcome to CactusCorner.

Here you will find lots and lots of pictures of my Cacti flowers.  These flower regularly during the summer months and come in a wide variety of colours and shapes – no two look alike!

Under the maps and reference section you’ll find lots of maps and data that I’ve compiled over the years.  The maps are in development and in time will detail my coastal walks, including starting points and amenities etc.

There is also a link to my iNaturalist photos.  Recently I was pleased to pass 1000 observations.

The Edgar and Brian Lamb Exotic Collection Reference Plate Index also finds it’s home here – if you see it elsewhere it shouldn’t be there so please tell me.

Also please check out my books page.  There are several books that I have produced over the years on my favourite topics – Cacti and Walking.

Manchester Branch of the British Cactus and Succulent Society also features some of my images, particularly the North West Mesemb Show.

Cactus Corner – that undefined “space” within a full-to-bursting greenhouse that is always available to fit in just one more cactus.

In Memoriam

Snowie 1988 – 1998           Ginger 1999 – 2012