Growing From Seed

Having had some success with growing Cacti from seed over the last few years I’ve decided write this little guide.

Sowing Seeds (using the PolyBag Method)

Here are the nine steps I follow to sow all my Cacti Seeds.

1) Clear space for tray on windowsill.
2) Make sure I have : compost, cat litter, pots, labels, foodbags.
3) Wash pots and fill with compost (of your own choice). I use 50% John Innes and 50% cat litter.
4) Print (or write) a label for each pot. Put label in pot and a blank label on the opposite side (this will stop the bag collapsing).
5) Stand pots in tray and fill tray with boiling water.
6) Make a brew whilst water is cooling. Empty water out when cooled.
7) Take an A4 piece of white paper and fold it in half. Tip out one packet of seeds at a time and transfer seeds to the correct pot. Sprinkle them thinly.
8) Open and place an empty food bag in the tray and transfer two pots to the bag and tie a knot in the top of the bag- do not try and move the bag; the pots will fall over! Do not use food ties – they are not as airtight as a knot
9) Place tray on a sunny windowsill and leave alone!