Immortals of Mankind Biographies

1 Alexander The Great, Conqueror and Creator of a New World by Charles Alexander Robinson, Jr.

2 Saint Thomas Aquinas, The Angelic Doctor by W. Norman Pittenger

3 Archimedes and the Door of Science by Jeanne Bendick

4 Aristotle, Dean of Early Science by Glanville Downey

5 Asoka the Great, India’s Royal Missionary by Emil Lengyel

6 Attila, King of the Huns by Robert N. Webb

7 The Life of Saint Augustine by Robert R. Hansel

8 Johann Sebastian Bach, Revolutionary of Music by Carmel Berman Reingold

9 Beethoven, Master Composer by Herbert J. Gimpel

10 Bismarck and German Unification by Louis L. Snyder and Ida Mae Brown

11 Simon Bolivar, the Liberator by Robert N. Webb

12 Robert Boyle, Founder of Modern Chemistry by Harry Sootin

13 Sir Richard Burton, Fearless Adventurer by Arthur Orrmont

14 Augustus Caesar, Architect of the Empire by Monroe Stearns (FWB)

15 Julius Caesar, Master of Men by Monroe Stearns

16 Charlemagne, Monarch of the Middle Ages by Monroe Stearns

17 Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor by Neil Grant

18 Winston Churchill, Man of the Century by Robert N. Webb

19 Christopher Columbus, Navigator to the New World by Daniel J. Carrison

20 Confucius by Bennett B. Sims

21 Captain James Cook, Genius Afloat by Daniel J. Carrison

22 Copernicus, Titan of Modern Astronomy by David C. Knight

23 The Curies and Radium by Elizabeth Rubin

24 Dante, Poet of Love by Monroe Stearns

25 Charles Darwin & Natural Selection by Alice Dickinson

26 Humphry Davy and Chemical Discovery by Elba O. Carrier

27 Leonardo da Vinci, Pathfinder of Science by Henry S. Gillette

28 Charles Dickens by Charles Haines

29 Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister Extraordinary by Neil Grant

30 Jean Henri Dunant, Father of the Red Cross by Carol Z. Rothkopf

31 Thomas Edison, American Inventor by Roselyn Hiebert and Ray Eldon Hiebert

32 Albert Einstein and The Theory of Relativity by Herbert Kondo

33 Elizabeth I of England by Monroe Stearns

34 Euclid and Geometry by Estelle Allen DeLacy

35 Michael Faraday and the Electric Dynamo by Charles Paul May

36 Benjamin Franklin, Man of Science by Irmengarde Eberle

37 Saint Francis of Assisi by Douglas Liversidge

38 Frederick the Great, Prussian Warrior and Statesman by Louis L. Snyder and Ida Mae Brown

39 Sigmund Freud by Francine Klagsbrun

40 Galileo and Experimental Science by Rebecca B. Marcus

41 Mahatma Gandhi, The Great Soul by Emil Lengyel

42 Carl Friedrich Gauss, Prince of Mathematicians by William Leonard Schaaf

43 Genghis Khan, Conqueror of the Medieval World by Robert N. Webb

44 Josiah W. Gibbs, American Theoretical Physicist by Benedict A.Leerburger

45 Goethe, Pattern of Genius by Monroe Stearns

46 Goya and His Times by Monroe Stearns

47 Johann Gutenberg and the Invention of Printing by Brayton Harris

48 Hannibal, Invader From Carthage by Robert N. Webb

49 William Harvey, Trailblazer of Scientific Medicine by Rebecca B. Marcus

50 Henry VIII of England by W. Norman Pittenger

51 Hippocrates, Father of Medicine by Herbert S. Goldberg

52 Hitler and Nazism by Louis T. Snyder

53 Ignatius of Loyola, The Soldier-Saint by Douglas Liversidge

54 Imhotep, Builder in Stone by Maribelle Cormack

55 Thomas Jefferson, The Complete Man by James A. Eichner

56 Edward Jenner & Smallpox Vaccination by Irmengarde Eberle

57 The Life of Jesus Christ by W. Norman Pittenger

58 Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans by Jeanette Struchen

59 Justinian the Great, Roman Emperor of the East by Thomas Fitzgerald

60 Johannes Kepler & Planetary Motion by David C. Knight

61 Robert Koch, Father of Bacteriology by David C. Knight

62 Lajos Kossuth, Hungary’s Great Patriot by Emil Lengyel

63 Lao-tzu and the Tao-te-ching by Bennett B. Sims

64 Antoine Lavoisier and the Revolution in Chemistry by Rebecca B. Marcus

65 Lenin, Genius of Revolution by Douglas Liversidge

66 Abraham Lincoln by Frank B. Latham

67 Carl Linnaeus, Pioneer of Modern Botany by Alice Dickinson

68 Louis XIV of France, Pattern of Majesty by Monroe Stearns

69 Martin Luther, The Great Reformer by W. Norman Pittenger

70 Moses Maimonides: Rabbi, Philosopher, and Physician by Rebecca B. Marcus

71 Karl Marx, The Father of Modern Socialism by Albert Alexander

72 James Clerk Maxwell and Electromagnetism by Charles Paul May

73 Gregor Mendel and Heredity by Robert N. Webb

74 Michelangelo by Monroe Stearns

75 Samuel Morse and The Electronic Age by Wilma Pitchford Hays

76 The Story of Moses by Francine Klagsbrun

77 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Master of Pure Music by Monroe Stearns

78 Muhammad, Prophet of Islam by Ruth Warren

79 Napoleon, Man of Destiny by Herbert J. Gimpel

80 Jawaharlal Nehru, The Brahman From Kashmir by Emil Lengyel

81 Lord Nelson by Herbert J. Gimpel

82 Isaac Newton, Mastermind of Modern Science by David C. Knight

83 Florence Nightingale, Founder of Modern Nursing by Barbara Harmelink

84 Ignace Paderewski, Musician and Statesman by Emil Lengyel

85 Louis Pasteur, Founder of Microbiology by Mary June Burton

86 The Life of Saint Paul by W. Norman Pittenger

87 Peter the Great, The Reformer-Tsar by Douglas Liversidge

88 The Life of Saint Peter by W. Norman Pittenger

89 Pablo Picasso, Master of Modern Art by Jeanette Struchen

90 Philippe Pinel, Unchainer of the Insane by Bernard Mackler

91 Plato, His Life and Teachings by W. Norman Pittenger

92 Edgar Allen Poe, His Writings and Influence by Charles Haines (FWB)

93 Marco Polo, The Great Traveler by Robert N. Webb

94 Pope John XXIII, The Gentle Shepherd by Jeanette Struchen

95 Joseph Priestly, Pioneer Chemist by Rebecca B. Marcus

96 Raphael, Painter of the Renaissance by Henry S. Gillette

97 Rembrandt and His World by Monroe Stearns

98 Richard the Lion-Hearted, The Crusader King by W. Norman Pittenger

99 Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen and the Discovery of X Rays by Bern Dibner

100 Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President for the People by Roselyn Hiebert and Ray Eldon Hiebert

101 Jean Jacques Rousseau, the Father of Romanticism by Robert N. Webb

102 William Shakespeare and His Plays by Charles Haines

103 Socrates, The Father of Western Philosophy by Bayly Turlington

104 The Theban Saga by Sophocles, edited with an introduction by Charles Alexander

105 Joseph Stalin by Douglas Liversidge

106 Leo Tolstoy by Carol Z. Rothkopf

107 Mark Twain by Monroe Stearns

108 Victoria, Queen and Empress by Neil Grant

109 Alessandro Volta and the Electric Battery by Bern Dibner

110 Richard Wagner, Titan of Music by Monroe Stearns

111 George Washington by Daniel J. Carrison

112 James Watt, Inventor of a Steam Engine by Robert N. Webb

113 Eli Whitney, Founder of Modern Industry by Wilma Pitchford Hays

114 Woodrow Wilson, Champion of Peace by Ira Mothner

115 Sir Christopher Wren: Renaissance Architect, Philosopher, and Scientist by Heywood Gould

116 Frank Lloyd Wright, The Rebel Architect by Corrine J. Naden

117 The Wright Brothers, Pioneers of Power Flight by Carroll V. Glines