John Wilson’s Go Fishing Episode List

John Wilson (1943-2018) presented 109 Go Fishing programmes between 1987 and 2003. Having been unable to find a list of the episodes online I have decided to create my own. Whilst each episode is in the correct series, I have been unable to work out if all the episode within a series are in the correct order. Please let me know if you know any different.

John was born in Enfield in London and spent time as a hairdresser, and in the Merchant Navy prior to opening his fishing tackle shop in Norwich.

He presented 109 Go Fishing programmes between 1987 and 2003 on various TV channels, as well as Wilson’s World, Fishing Safari, Dream Fishing and Fishing World. He also wrote numerous books and magazine articles.

He moved to Thailand in 2013 where he lived for 5 years. He passed away in 2018.

John’s fishing programmes where (and still are) a delight to watch. Once seen who can forget his gentle humour and easy presenting style, along with his catchphrases and unforgettable laugh.

Series/Episode Title/Area First Line
1987×01 Fishing For Tench Goodness me this lane
1987×02 Fishing For Chub It’s a bit grim
1987×03 Fishing For Pike Well here we are
1987×04 Fishing For Carp The weather forecast for today
1987×05 Fishing For Trout There a sort of
1987×06 Fishing For Roach What a lovely warm morning
1988×01 Carp In The Lillies Here we are where
1988×02 Small River Barbel Well we’re a long
1988×03 Olivers First Carp Well Oli it looks
1988×04 In Search Of A Trout Ohh it feels a bit
1988×05 Fishing Summer Lakes Love the way these
1988×06 Foreign Fiske 1 Noisy here isn’t it
1988×07 Foreign Fiske 2 Before we get stuck in
1988×08 Weirpool Magic What do you think of this
1988×09 Grayling And The Stream There aren’t many
1988×10 Spinners Spoons And Gadgets Well here we are
1990×01 The King Of Fish Well for this last programme
1990×02 Small Waters Isn’t this a glorious patch
1990×03 The Emerald Isle No this isn’t Whykeekee
1990×04 TheI Irish Predator Hello this lovely
1990×05 A Winters Tale Here we are again on the
1990×06 The Shannon Top O’ the morning to you
1990×07 Down On The Avon Well here we are on
1990×08 Deep Sea Wrecking Well here we are and
1991×01 Canada Hello welcome to Canada
1991×02 Spain Well i didn’t catch this
1991×03 Gambia When you’re in a strange land
1991×04 Ireland A very cold and blustery
1991×05 Kenya Well what do you think
1991×06 Denmark Its rather nice to be
1991×07 India 1 This is a land of
1991×08 India 1 Ok Saban which rock has it
1991×09 Africa Well we might be here
1991×10 Kenya A warm tropical welcome
1991×11 Gambia Now where is he
1991x12M Canada Missing titles
1992×01 Wilsons Fishery Having fished all over
1992×02 Rutland You may recall in the first
1992×03 Austria This week Go Fishing visits
1992×04 Canada After flying direct from
1992×05 Thames Estuary Welcome to another
1992×06 Suffolk Constables country is this week’s
1992×07 Norfolk Welcome to another Go Fishing
1992×08 Canada Having left Stu Mackay
1992×09 Sweden This week our destination
1992×10 Africa 1 After a 10 hour flight
1992×11 Africa 2 After starting our Zambizee
1992×12 Norfolk Broads As the Norfolk Broads are
1994×01 Thames Estuary Welcome to the Thames Estuary
1994×02 Northamptonshire In this weeks Go Fishing
1994×03 Morocco This week Go Fishing welcomes you
1994×04 Essex This week Go Fishing travels to
1994×05 Norfolk This week we bring the
1994×06 Denmark While Denmark is perhaps
1995×01 Sussex Hello again and welcome to
1995×02 Diss In Go Fishing this week
1995×03 Hampshire During the winter months
1995×04 Sussex Our first destination
1995×05 Norfolk I’m starting off close
1995×06 Hampshire Throughout much of the
1996×01 Sussex Hidden away
1996×02 Dorset In this weeks Go Fishing programme
1996×03 Norfolk If you travel 12 miles due west
1996×04 Wiltshire Our journey this week
1996×05 Norfolk Many of the estates
1996×06 Dorset Having taken that 100cwt catch
1997×01 Sussex Hello again and welcome to our 11th
1997×02 Northamptonshire This week on Go Fishing
1997×03 Bedfordshire Trying to catch specimens
1997×04 Surrey Waters both deep and shallow
1997×05 Hampshire This week Go Fishing takes
1997×06 Hampshire Two of the most exciting
1998×01 Buckinghamshire Hello again welcome to
1998×02 West Sussex No you haven’t got the wrong
1998×03 Offshore A wonderful summers day
1998×04 Dorset Wereham must be one of
1998×05 Surrey A beautiful misty morning
1998×06 Dorset The view across Weymouth harbour
1999×01 Chigborough There really is an amazing
1999×02 Newport Pagnell Welcome to another Go Fishing
1999×03 Berkshire Welcome to Royal Berkshire
1999×04 Ringwood These fast flowing middle reaches
1999×05 Carp Fishing Now the reason I’m
1999×06 Norfolk Welcome to north west Norfolk
2000×01 Sussex It’s the crack of dawn
2000×02 Suffolk In series past weve fished
2000×03 Norfolk It’s a glorious summers morning
2000×04 Surrey This twelve acre lake
2000×05 Dorset Setting out from beautiful
2000×06 West Sussex Its a beautiful morning
2001×01 Norfolk This secluded five acre lake
2001×02 Berkshire This is the lovely River Kennett
2001×03 Essex This is Ardley Reservoir just a few
2001×04 Alderney This is picturesque Alderney
2001×05 Norfolk Morning yes this is me
2001×06 Sussex This is beautiful Winton’s Fishery
2002×01 Suffolk Ho ho ho ho it’s a nice fish
2002×02 Suffolk Don’t they go in this flow
2002×03 Norfolk Later in today’s programme
2002×04 Suffolk Berkshire’s River Kennett
2002×05 Suffolk Oh yes here we go arrrgghh
2002×06 Hampshire In part two this week
2003×01 Norfolk This enchanted secluded Norfolk
2003×02 Bedfordshire For species like
2003×03 Norfolk These three beautiful day ticket
2003×04 Norfolk There are three well stocked
2003×05 Hertfordshire I’ve fished in few more
2003×06 Norfolk There are three beautiful lakes

Well known catchphrases:

“I’m in a right two and eight”
“Well, I never did”
“I’m in”
“The hook’s come out in the net”
“What a clonker”
“Would you believe it”