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A Linear Walk between Lytham and Arnside along the Lancashire Coastal Way
£19.99 from Amazon (150 pages/paperback/interior colour) / £9.99 Amazon Kindle / FREE with Kindle Unlimited
Starting in 2018/19 I walked from Lytham to Fleetwood, followed by Fleetwood to (nearly) Lancaster in 2020. In 2021 I completed the route between Lancaster and Arnside. The route follows the coast between Lytham and Fleetwood before turning inland to follow the Wyre Estuary. It then follows the coast and inland roads from Knott-End-on-Sea to Glasson Dock. Lancaster is then reached via the Lune Estuary Footpath. A cycle path then continues the journey to Morecambe and from there the route uses the Lancaster Canal to reach Carnforth. An inland route cutting across farmland via Warton regains the coast at Jennie Brown’s Point. From there a pleasant stroll through Silverdale and the surrounding woodland brings the walk to completion in Arnside. This book is not intended to be a guide book, but is more of a pictorial travelogue. The vast majority of walks are on flat well-maintained paths and should be suitable for most walkers.

A Circular Walk Along the Anglesey Coastal Path
£19.99 from Amazon (196 pages/paperback/interior colour) / £9.99 Amazon Kindle / FREE with Kindle Unlimited
In 2019 I completed a circuit (actually in both directions) of the Isle of Anglesey following the Coastal Path. Split into 25 short chapters this book includes a selection of around 500 photographs showing many areas of the island that are not normally visited. Most pages contain four photos and are accompanied by brief commentary giving details of the areas visited. Primarily this is a photo book with caption style text. It is not an in depth guide book to the island or the coastal path as those are already available elsewhere – this is more of a photographic record of my trip around the island highlighting a multitude of interesting places worth visiting.

An index to Edgar and Brian Lamb’s Photographic Reference Plates
£9.99 from Amazon (196 pages/paperback/interior b/w)

An index to Edgar and Brian Lamb’s Photographic Reference Plates. Comprises of records of all the Reference Plates issued by Edgar and Brian Lamb and indexes the Illustrated Reference books, the W.T. Neale catalogue and the Stapeliads book. Included introductory material and a key to identification of plate types.

Cactus Haiku
£9.99 from Amazon (101 pages/paperback/interior colour)

A selection of cactus inspired Japanese Haiku Poems, a short guide to cactus seed sowing and a humerous article about the perils of growing cacti from seed. Fully illustrated in colour.

£7.50 from Amazon (70 pages/paperback/interior b/w)

A History of the BCSS Manchester Branch 1946 – 2019. Contains History Article, Branch Activities Reports and a list of meetings and other useful information.

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